HY+ Treatment
  • HY+ Treatment

HY+ Treatment

Treatment that contributing to the collagen and elastin regenerative process to rebuild the foundations of the skin.  


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Acid Cream

Active substance: Glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, salicylic acid, gluconic acid, hyaluronic acid.

Properties: Creamy compound containing an exclusive combination of alpha and beta hydroxy acids. It is recommended for softening and hydrating the skin.


• Apply a fine layer on face, neck and décolletage.

• Allow between 5 and 8 minutes to take effect and without removing it apply the next “osmosis” mask.


• Prevent it from contacting the mucous membranes. If it happens, immediately rinse with water.

• Do not apply in the event or injury or herpes.


Active substances: Algin, conchiolin powder (nacre pearl powder) Properties Alginate mask containing 100% natural pearl powder that is rich in over 20 types of amino acids which are essential for tissue regeneration and the good condition of cells and their metabolism. Besides, as it is an alginate, the effects of the 19 previously applied active substances, i.e. the acid, are enhanced.


• Open the powder bag and pour its content in a bowl.

• Add 90 g of water, whisk with a spatula until creamy.

• Apply on phase 1 (acid).

• Leave it on 15 minutes and remove.


Active substances: High and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid


• Firming and anti-aging serum.

• It absorbs moisture and smoothes the different skin layers.

• It visibly reduces lines and wrinkles. Facial skin looks young and smooth again without injecting any substance.

• Because of its excellent tolerance, it may also be applied in such sensitive areas as eye contours.

Application: Apply with special emphasis on wrinkles.

Firming Mask

Active substances

• High molecular weight hyaluronic acid NMF that improves hydration of upper layers of the skin and contributes to a deeper absorption of the remaining active substances.

• Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It penetrates into the deepest skin layers 20 bringing with it water and thus increasing dermal density and completely smoothing wrinkles out.

• Aloe barbadensis Restructuring active substance that acts on the stratum corneum and with a high soothing and moisturizing power.

• Taurine This amino acid restructures tissues and improves their water storage capacity.

• Allantoin active substance with a hydrating effect that smoothes skin out.

Properties: Single-dose mask for ultra-moisturizing treatments with flash effect.


• Take mask out of the package.

• Allow some 10-15 minutes to take effect.

• Then, remove gauze and massage until fully absorbed.


Active substances: Silk proteins (hydrolyzed silk), shea butter, panthenol, citric acid, tocopherol, hyaluronic acid.

Properties: Cream-mask rich in silk proteins, hyaluronic acid and panthenol that contributes to hydrating the skin and preserving the water inside.

Application: Apply generously and massage until fully absorbed.

Note: it is ideal for massage as, in spite of containing hyaluronic acid, it does not form lumps.


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