Specific Products

Specific Products is a line of specific, professional products, which has been designed with an aim to meet the particular, individual needs of the skin. It satisfies even the most demanding Clients, allowing them to create individual treatments, as well as supplementing the protocol with the existing ceremonies. This product offer gives the possibility to provide adequate care for the skin on the face, neck and chest, with an aim to maintain youth, reinforce the skin structure and regenerate it. Unique, subtle fragrances perfectly complement all the ceremonies, wonderfully relaxing the senses.

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70 Modelling Mask

Modelling Mask Masque Modelant Specific Products Capacity: 250 ml An innovative, self-warming gypsum mask...

85 Soothing Mask

Capacity: 200 ml Intensively soothing and regenerating mask for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. The mask is...