Hyaluron Plus

Constant research and devotion to the professional beautician industry for years have allowed Freihaut to offer advanced and exclusive beauty projects. Such projects are designed through the use of exclusive manufacturing techniques and high quality raw materials.

This has resulted in FR~HAUT Cosmetics offering effective and innovative treatments able to address the demands of every face and every silhouette whether at the beauty salon or in the home.

FR~HAUT Cosmetics has created at its laboratory the HY+ product range which is the result of hard research work on the field of biotechnology.

HY+ is the exclusive, rehydrating and anti-aging treatment with double action: on the surface and deep inside the skin to boost the skin’s capacity to retain its own water reserves.

HY+ contains cutting-edge biotechnological hyaluronic acid with lower molecular weight that acts from the dermis to improve and enhance hydration, as water is the key vector to act on the skin, as it is the way in for active substances that stimulate cell metabolism thus enhancing regeneration and toning.

HY+ also contains active substances (that promote collagen and elastin) contributing to the collagen and elastin regenerative process to rebuild the foundations of the skin.

The results: an extremely hydrated skin both on the surface and in its deeper layers. Wrinkles are filled up and cell nutrition is promoted, thus contributing to its regeneration.

Greater structure fewer wrinkles, enhanced elasticity.

Free of parabens, perfumes, mineral oils and PEGs. Product

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