FR~HAUT Cosmetics introduces a new and excellent therapy that combines the use of Alpha and Beta-hydroxy acids. Thanks to this deep peeling of the skin we can work with a fundamental tool for a variety of treatments such as whiteners or cell regenerators (scars, blemishes or wrinkles). This results in a more radiant and younger looking skin.

Besides, Alpha formulation contains soothing, emollient and protective agents that provide the skin with elasticity, hydration and help it to regenerate more efficiently.

Alpha hydroxy acids are very efficient in peeling and accelerating cell regeneration.

Beta hydroxy acids, as well as excellent peeling agents, have a soothing action with a more gradual effect on the skin, which reduces itching and the potential irritation caused by acids as they prevent dehydration and balance the hydrolipidic layer.

In other words, we have at our disposal a new, valuable and reliable tool for professional work at beauty salons. By thus preparing the skin to assimilate the active substances we want it to absorb, the effect of any treatment we intend to apply later will be enhanced. A true blemish easer.

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Alpha Treatment

ALPHA TREATMENT COCKTAIL Active substances: Glycolic Acid, Salicic Acid, Cytic Acid, Salix Alba Bark Extract,...