Gold & Pearls Ceremony

Gold & Pearls Ceremony is an exclusive line of cosmetics inspired by the eternal strive for luxury, the embodiment of which are the elements of wealth transferred into everyday care. Purlés presents exceptionally sophisticated formulas based on gold, pearls, champagne and caviar. Gold ameliorates the condition of skin by improving its elasticity and stimulating the production of collagen. Pearls, called the “tears of angels” by the ancients, are valued for their brightening properties, contribute to the reduction of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Champagne extract and caviar smoothen and hydrate the skin. What is more, they stimulate natural protection against photoaging. The Gold & Pearls line ensures not only an effective care therapy, but also a sense of ritual luxury which was experienced in the antiquity by Cleopatra and which, until today, remained available only for the very few.

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106 Precious Exfoliator

GOMMAGE PRÉCIEUX Intensive peeling recommended for mature skin. 97% of the ingredients are of natural origin!...

108 Goddess’ Cream

CREME DIVINE An exclusive cream with a delicate texture and exquisite fragrance, designed for mature skin. Provides...

109 Goddess’ Dry Oil

HUILE SECHE DIVINE Nourishing product designed for body and face. Synergy of three oils (jojoba, apricot kernel and...