Sushi Body Ceremony

Sushi Body Ceremony is a unique, very sensual line recommended for skin care of the whole body. This holistic therapy is a unique combination of Western cosmetology and the care traditions of the Far East. The combination enhances the energy flow, balances the natural body rhythm and fully meets all the needs of a mature skin. As the time goes by, the skin changes: it becomes less elastic, dry, thin and loses its brightness. Also, discoloration appears due to excessive sun exposure. The passage of years causes that the skin needs greater care and more intensive regeneration treatments. Sushi Body Ceremony line gives aid in the struggle for a better skin condition and younger look. Innovative formulas of these products guarantee spectacular effects, whereas the elements of Eastern ceremonies will change the therapy into a symbolic, mystic journey to the Country of Cherry Blossoms. The products are based on Alpine Plant Complex, comprised of carefully selected extracts of: Achillea millefolium (common yarrow), Alchemilla vulgaris (common lady’s mantle), peppermint, Primula veris (common cowslip) and Veronica officinalis (heath speedwell). The complex regulates the processes of melanogenesis and brightens discolorations. In addition, oryzanol, extracted from rice bran, neutralizes the effects of the free radicals, slows down the ageing process and stimulates wrinkle reduction. Sushi Body Ceremony is an exclusive and complex treatment, giving immediate effects in the form of a visibly better skin condition, its brightening and hydration.

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