The Active

In The Active range we have combined retinol and other last generation active substances to develop a global skincare range that treats every problem of mature skins.

In other words, The Active is the skin fitness coach to maintain it in a good shape, unchangeable in spite of the passing of time.

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Dream Cream

An intensive cream to treat dry skins and those with ageing signs. Its main active ingredient, the last generation,...

Holistic Cream

Day cream rich in high-tolerance retinol, squalene and coenzyme Q10, which provide regeneration and turgidity to...

Global Eye Cream

A delicate yet active cream for the eye contour. It is rich in high-tolerance retinol, so it improves cell...

Wake Up Serum

Light-texture serum to actively treat the skin in need of regeneration. It contains high-tolerance retinol to...

Reticure Concentrate

A concentrate full of active substances that constitutes an intensive treatment against ageing. It contains a great...

Flash Mask

A single-dose mask with the three most important vitamins for the skin: vitamins A, E and C. This way, it improves...
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Eye Contour Patches

Eye veils to stop the ageing process. By using them, we can soften expression lines and wrinkles around the eyes.