After 25 years of product research and development and building on the knowledge of the way skin works, the quality of the best active substances and the guarantee of the efficiency of its products, FR~HAUT has developed EVEN: a line that is the consequence of the study of the causes behind the appearance of spots and wrinkles on the skin.

EVEN brings together a set of patents and natural active substances that are the result of biotechnological research. It is a powerful cocktail of active substances aimed at depigmenting, protecting and preventing skin’s oxidative photoageing.

The result: in two months, skin will be much whitened, firmer, brighter and more radiant.

Active filters

DTD Whitening Cream

A cream rich in Cromobright® and liquorice extract that corrects spots resulting from a variety of causes (pregnancy,...

SPF50 Sun Protector

UVA, UVB Sun protector Active substances: UVA-B chemical and physical solar filters, vit. E, piroctone olamine,...

EVEN Whitening ampoules

20 x 2m,These ampoules are rich in arbutin, liquorice extract and vitamin C. These active substances efficiently...
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Salving Balm

Skin protector containing silicone and glycerine polymers, vitamins A, C and E, and aloe vera and mimosa extracts. It...