Eye Contour

The skin around eyes is extremely sensitive. It is only half millimeter thick, five times thinner than the skin on the cheeks. There are very few sebaceous glands in this area, which is why the hydrolipid film is less durable. It is caused by repeated dryness and irritation. Eye area is especially susceptible to the effects of harmful factors such as: cold, wind, sun radiation or artificial light. The skin in this area needs extra care and special treatment, which can be achieved only with high quality products, intended specifically for this purpose. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a separate product, adjusted to the needs of the eye area. Purlés brand, in order to meet the precise expectations of their Clients, has designed a unique Eye Contour line, intended for the skin around eye area, for people of different ages. The line is based on organic ingredients extracted from plants grown without any chemical intervention. The cosmetics are made in an ecological way, in accordance with the highest quality standards and safety criteria. Eye Contour line is so special and unique not only because of the way it is made, but also because it is well tolerated and effective.

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