Sea Origin.

Sea Origin achieves in an efficient way: 

The reduction of fat that is stored and polymerized in tissues. 

The removal of liquids and toxins that aren't correctly removed and are trapped between the fat and the fibres. 

The improvement of the regenerative and remineralizing processes in the skin structures. Sea Origin is our best partner to make body treatments in our beauty centre.

This range offer us a variety of products which combine the sea richness with biotechnological active substances to help in draining, lipolytic and firming treatments in a simple but efficient way.

Active filters

Soft Salt Peeling

Peeling from sea fine salt which exfoliates and remineralizes the skin. It includes a combination of marine salt and...

Algae Mud

A wrapping with micro-exploded crushed algae with purifying effect, that accelerates the process of body fat...

Beauty Pack

Body cream-mask with firming, shaping, draining, venotonic and antiaging effects for the body. Type of skin It is...

Draining Oil

A mixture of essential natural oils which are draining and lipolytic. Thanks to its great quantity of active...

Cinnacel Cream 1000ml

Lipolytic body cream with thermal effect that reduces fat deposits inside adipocytes. It has a strong detox effect...

Undersea Plasma

Serum with the best sea active ingredients sourced from the sea. It is a cocktail of the best ocean seaweed...