The pure concentrates of FR~HAUT Cosmetics are the key point of any treatment. They are the purest and most concentrated version of active substances and have become a must in the beauty centre, to boost treatments and accelerate the achievement of the proposed aims.

PURE is, so, the perfect and necessary partner to trigger changes in our skins and achieve the aims proposed by therapists, as it improves the properties of the daily core treatments (creams, serums, eye contours...).

The heart of the PURE range is that, as well as having a high percentage of active substances, its molecular weight is very small, so it can penetrate in the deepest skin layers. Results are very powerful and they are reached in a short period of time. All these concentrates can be electroporated and ionised.

Free of parabens, mineral oils and PEGs.

They are a must in our weekly home care treatments, and to reinforce the regular care of creams, eye products, etc.

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Pure Flash Lift

An exclusive concentrate made from the most innovative peptides discovered by the most renowned laboratories...

Pure Urban Detox

A concentrate of very effective active substances to balance skins damaged by the life style of the city. It has a...

Pure 3D Moist

Water is indispensable to maintain the activity of cell metabolism in our bodies and, of course, our skin. FR~HAUT...

Pure Vitamin C 20x2ml

Properties:  Powerful anti-oxidant.  Essential for collagen production.  It has detoxifying action  Avoid...