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Re-gen Treatment

Firming and regenerating treatment for all skin types. Designed to efficiently alleviate and prevent the lack and...
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Activateur de Collagene

Lotion designed to dissolve and improve the penetration of collagen threads (Collagen fillers FRP566-3) and collagen...
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Masque Violet

Mask rich in REGESTRIL™, Niacinamide and aminoacids. All active substances designed to improve the regeneration of...
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Les Yeux

Eye contour rich in REGESTRILTM, an active substance designed to improve the regeneration of fibers in the...
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La Creme

Rich day cream, for daily use, containing REGESTRILTM to increase regeneration in the extracellular matrix.
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Le Serum

Serum based on REGESTRILTM, a powerful active ingredient that regenerates the skin from the matrix. Designed to...