Gold & Pearls Ceremony

A timeless essence of beauty concentrated in a unique mixture of active ingredients. Gold & Pearls Ceremony is a symbol of luxurious values in the everyday skin care ritual. The miraculous effects of gold, which has been used in the rejuvenating Gold & Pearls Ceremony product series, have been known since antiquity, and were first used by Cleopatra. This unique line guarantees high quality, safety, and splendid results in a pursuit to maintain a young look. The therapeutic properties of gold particles have made this ore a tangible symbol of luxury. That is why it is widely used in modern cosmetology. It is renowned for its invaluable properties strengthening the skin cells and stimulating the process of renewal. Apart from that, gold particles improve the skin condition, enhance the tissue elasticity, and stimulate the collagen production process. The line’s precious formula includes also pearls, called by the ancient „tears of angels.” These gems, appreciated for centuries for their „magical” properties, constitute an exclusive element used in modern cosmetology as a valuable ingredient reducing wrinkles and making the skin bright and firm. The deluxe formula of the products is additionally enriched by caviar extract, and the most noble of all beverages - champagne. They play an important role in the regeneration process, supplement the deficiency of macroelements, and smooth the skin. The abundance of active ingredients, amino acids, vitamins, and most of all, antioxidants, stimulates the natural barrier against photo-ageing, hydrates the skin and boosts cellular metabolism.

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